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Teams full
of true selves

Too many people go to work and hold back part of themselves. Officevibe helps your teammates be who they are by enabling them to work at their best in a kinder, simpler, faster, more human way.

Our highlights

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Simple software that improves work

When we needed a solution to keep our culture happening, we built Officevibe—making management improvements and employee engagement easy so that teams could focus on being their best selves.

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Self-funded &

As our own bosses, we have the flexibility to be bolder and quicker and make decisions that are best for our people. We believe good tech (and good vibes) comes from good people.

Helping teams be their
best for 9 years

Each day, around 30,000 Officevibe users worldwide answer an engagement Pulse Survey. Last year, over 50 million questions were answered across 20 different industries in 72 countries.

Our story

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1. Officevibe, a
product by GSoft

Back in 2013, our parent company GSoft was growing fast. That was great. But as our team skyrocketed, our culture waned. We couldn’t find a solution, so we made one. Cue Officevibe.

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2. From Montreal
to the world

At the time, the market for engagement solutions was nearly non-existent – so we jumped in. We reflected relentlessly on organizational practices and the role of people in the workplace, and Officevibe was born.

Illustration of a team holding a sign that says 84% of employees trust their managers

3. The journey
doesn’t stop

Good vibes for all. The stats humble us: 84% of Officevibers trust their managers, 4 in 5 Officevibers are clear on their goals, and 90% of Officevibers like their manager’s transparency.

Illustration a person working from home.

4. Vibing from anywhere

In this distributed world of work, it’s more important than ever that people feel heard, understood, and able to be their true selves. That’s why we’re here to help your team keep the vibe — whether at the office or on a video call from home.

Photo of Guillaume Roy, Officevibe's COO & co-founder

“As we grew, Officevibe made me feel closer to my people than I did when we could still all fit into one room.”

Guillaume Roy, Co-Founder & COO

GSoft’s products are trusted by world-class companies

Officevibe is inexpensive, simple to start and easy to use. Your team will thank you for it.

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