How does Officevibe work ,

Having a great team vibe goes way beyond happiness at work and cool perks – and we’re here to break it down for you.

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So, what is Officevibe?

Officevibe is an online platform that offers managers an Employee experience solution to build better relationships with their people and create the conditions for great work.

Our tools are built by experts and backed by data so managers can create positive change for their team in a safe, honest, environment.

Product shot of the Pulse Survey and Survey Reports features in Officevibe

Explore our built-in features

Illustration of two hands building a one-on-one agenda together

One-on-one meetings

Master one-on-ones with our complete, easy-to-use tool

An employee who gets his Good Vibes into his workflow through Slack integration.

Good Vibes recognition

Give your people a simple, human way to recognize each other

Anonymous Feedback

Automate and organize how you collect anonymous feedback

Employee Pulse Surveys

Ask the right questions to measure employee engagement

Officevibe helps you explore the many ways you can engage, bringing insights into action.

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The Officevibe basics

How Officevibe gives managers the full picture of their team’s needs so they can take action to improve their team’s engagement.

Water-tight anonymity

Officevibe is designed to spark meaningful conversations by making employees feel they can be honest with their managers – and that’s why protecting their identity is so important. Unlike other solutions, Officevibe gives every user the choice to submit direct feedback anonymously .

Conversation in Officevibe between manager and anonymous team member initiated by Pulse Survey question.
Pulse Survey multiple-choice question asking employee about work-life balance with illustrated answers.

Designed by experts

We partnered with Deloitte’s human capital experts to test the scientific validity of our survey model . We also checked our content and wording with them to get the most accurate and actionable measures of employee engagement.

Data-driven engagement

Why settle for guesswork when you can see the big picture? Anonymous answers from our weekly surveys are aggregated and then converted into scores . These scores are presented in your simple to read, easy to digest Team Reports.

Scores collected from Pulse Surveys into an Overall Engagement score and with breakdown by metric.
Completed 1-on-1 meeting agenda with wrap-up notes filled out and action-items set to follow-up on.

SMART collaboration

Officevibe’s 1-on-1 and goal-setting tools are a shared responsibility between managers and team members. We help guide managers with question prompts developed in partnership with neuroscientists who outlined the best ways to build relationships, discuss work and articulate difficult topics.

Resources to empower your team

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Why use Officevibe?

A study by Gallup shows that 75% of workers display low engagement or leave their jobs as a direct result of their manager or leadership. Gallup also reports that engaged teams are 21% more productive than disengaged teams.

Officevibe helps managers build better relationships with their people and create the conditions for great work. Our platform focuses on helping managers uncover the challenges to tackle and the strengths to lean on to step up their game as a team while offering their employees the support that will really help them thrive.

Is Officevibe anonymous?

Yes! Unlike other solutions, Officevibe takes anonymity very seriously and gives every user (regardless of rank or role) the choice to submit direct anonymous feedback . This creates a safe, easy way for employees to share important details of their reality – both big and small.

How does Officevibe measure employee engagement

Officevibe helps you measure what we call the 10 Key Metrics of Engagement which are endorsed by globally renowned thought leaders Deloitte, Gallup, Aon, and more. Officevibe will send different questions to different employees in order to calculate the scores at an individual level, and provide an in-depth understanding of your team’s feelings. Each Metric contains a set of Sub-metrics, ensuring the most accurate view of your data.

How long does it take to fill out an Officevibe survey?

Pulse Surveys are often between 5-15 questions. They should be quick and easy to answer, to avoid survey fatigue and increase employee participation. Officevibe’s Pulse Survey software sends 5 questions to each employee on a weekly basis. The smart algorithm ensures questions are different each week and all metrics are covered regularly. This keeps surveys relevant, improves accuracy of results, boosts your response rate, and avoids survey fatigue.

How do I interpret Officevibe data?

Officevibe helps Managers understand how their Teams feel , by providing in-depth and visual reports for overall Engagement scores, Pulse Surveys and Employee feedback so managers can identify trends and compare scores and variations over time. Share and discuss your interpretations with the team and involve them in the action planning to build trust and empower them!

Officevibe is inexpensive, simple to start, and easy to use. Your team will thank you for it.

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