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Join us live for the premiere event and Q&A

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episode 01 — Feb 23 @ 11 am EST

How day-to-day alignment reduces employee turnover

Join employee experience and HR experts live for the first ever Vibe Check! A new series where we have open, honest, and authentic conversation about the human side of business.

In our first chat, Julie Jeannotte , HR Expert and Researcher at Officevibe, sits down with Andrea Kalavsky , People Consultant at peopleOsophy, to talk all things alignment.

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So, what’s a vibe check? It’s a phrase for asking “how are you really doing?” It opens the door to meaningful conversations between colleagues, professionals, but most importantly, human beings.

To set your business up for success, you need real, proven advice and we have the right experts to give you just that. No sugarcoating or beating around the bush. Just genuine insights from people who’ve been there. That’s what Vibe Check stands for.

Who’s talking?

Join employee experience and HR experts live for the premiere event and Q&A on how alignment can improve productivity at work.


Julie Jeannotte

Officevibe’s HR Expert & Researcher

Julie’s (or JJ as we like to call her) life’s mission is to help organizations understand the value of placing their people at the heart of their strategy and business. Her background, research, and innate curiosity give her a unique perspective on day-to-day team challenges and the ever-evolving world of work.

Anyone who knows JJ knows this: she’s a wildflower who speaks from the heart. Inspired by the uniqueness of individuals and driven by the power of collectivity, she focuses on bringing out the best in humans to create meaningful change.

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Andrea Kalavsky

Coach, advisor, mentor, and leader (in no particular order)

Andrea’s route to People leadership has been non-traditional. She started managing tech, social, and digital teams before realizing she was a people People person.

Since then, she’s worked in some small (and large) people-centric, mission-driven companies, including Innocent Drinks, Daylesford Organic, People Against Dirty (the people behind Method and Ecover), Koru Kids, and a handful of deep-tech post-seed start-ups.

Driven by a strong desire to experiment and do things differently, Andrea is naturally attracted to places and people who aspire to change their industries or categories for the better.

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In this live event, you’ll learn:

  • How organizational alignment leads to better business outcomes
  • How HR and leaders can foster and contribute to alignment
  • The importance of prioritizing alignment in each stage of the employee life cycle
  • The role technology plays in aligning employees and teams